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When we think of Annie, we think of Aloha! Annemarie Carpendale travels the world with her little family and makes everything look easy with her laid-back attitude. Get inspired by her Aloha Way of Life on Instagram or learn more about her in our interview.

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An interview with Annemarie

Without which jewelry piece do you never leave the house?
My three filigree rings that Wayne gave me for Mad's birth. And for a while now, I've always worn at least one "Aloha" earring, because I think we all need a little Aloha spirit right now.

What's your go-to companion when you travel?
Vince, our teddy bear, who is already 13 years old.

When was the last time you did anything for the first time?

When I got the Covid vaccine. I hope more and more people get vaccinated so we can all get back to normal life quickly (and so our kids don't have to too, to get herd immunity).

What is a fun fact about you?
Once, when I was in school, I was grounded for an hour next to a tree, outside of class, without a jacket and in the snow, because I always chatted so much - if only the vice-principal had known I was practicing for my job as a host!

What is your favorite place in the world?
Maui, Hawaii... it's such a magical place! You can kayak next to whales, enjoy the natural beauty of Hana Road... or just relax.

Opulent earrings or statement necklace?
It depends on the mood, but I tend to wear bold earrings.

What are two things that are on your bucket list?
Israel - I still have to visit this incredible country. Cappadocia - admire the hot air balloons in this magical place... Dancing tango at night in the streets of Buenos Aires... etc, etc... I still have so many ideas...

What is your power quote?
Nothing is impossible.

What is the best way for you to recharge your batteries?
Sleep long, then having breakfast outside... the best thing is to stay there with friends until 6pm and talk about life.

What is your favorite animal and why?
I am a huge fan of dogs - they are such loving and loyal animals.

What advice do you give to people around you when dealing with you?
Don't wake me up too early when I've been answering emails until 4am.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Coca-Cola and candy.

What are you most thankful for?
I'm thankful every day for the amazing life we have; and I'm not talking about the fame, I'm talking about the fact that I have a wonderful, healthy, happy family. The fact that we live in our own little house, in a beautiful city, that we have the best friends in the world and a job that we love.

When did you have your last laughing fit and what was it about?
Last week at Taff: I wanted to deflect the conversation in a clever way by shifting the attention of New York's potential transport minister to our favorite hobby, pets. I said, "Yes, we Germans have a real passion for traffic." But then I realized that sounded weird and started continued until I couldn't finish the sentence and had to tearfully beg Thore to close the presentation for me. Of course, this all happened live ;)

What's the nicest compliment you've ever received?
I've been told that when I walk into a room, it's like a ray of sunshine coming in, and that it's always nice to be around me.
That's what I want for the future too: more positivity between people, even if it's currently not easy...

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