Dayoung Clementi


Half Italian and half Korean, Dayoung Clementi is a 21-year-old power woman. She is super creative and full of energy. Her talent is creating cultural content. Her main purpose is to make fun of stereotypes and differences between one culture and another, challenging and aiming to tear down these barriers. She is a very big supporter of equality and inclusivity all around.

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An interview with Dayoung

Which piece of jewelry do you wear every day?
I wear three necklaces every day that match one another.

What is your must-have jewelry piece?
Earrings and necklaces - I can no longer imagine my jewelry without!

Gold, rose gold or silver?
I really like gold... but to be honest, I prefer silver on me!

What can you not have enough of in your jewelry box?

Earrings! I have a huge collection and I always need more!

How do you live Aloha?
In one word: wanderlust! For me, Aloha means traveling the world and discovering new cities and cultures. Every time I travel I collect a piece of jewelry that reminds me of this place.

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