Body Positivity Influencer

With her positive approach to life, Tania stands for body positivity and keeps her social media presence real. She calls her community „little bombs“ and is an advocate for self-love, encouraging others to love themselves for who they are.
We admire Tania for being the power woman she is and living the Aloha way of life!



Get to Know

An interview with Tania

What inspires you the most?
Women who are bold inspire me: Whether they are famous or not – it’s always inspiring for me to see females who are daring (no matter if it’s about doing certain things, standing for their opinion or tackling projects). This motivates me to get out of my own comfort zone and be a better version of myself every day.

Who do you want to inspire?
My followers aka “my little bombs”, how I call them on my Instagram channel. I want them to realize that they are special and that they can live their lives to the fullest. I want to speak up against stereotypes that are placed upon women and show them how to turn their back on negativity.

What does “to live Aloha” mean to you?
To me, Aloha means “Just be yourself. Everyone is welcome at PURELEI”.

What’s your favorite jewelry layering look?
I love the combination of the Sun Necklace with the I’lalo Choker and the Luna Necklace.

Gold, rose gold or silver?
Olalalaa, that’s a tough question! I would say I prefer gold in summer when I am tanned (well, if you can call it tanned) and silver in winter. I actually find myself mixing both colors more and more often, which I would never have dared to do in the past! Maybe this will be the next jewelry trend.

Do you have a PURELEI lucky charm?
Yes, the Sun Necklace has become my personal lucky charm! When I wear it, I feel like only good things happen to me because I’m taking the sun with me.

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