Gaëlle Prudencio

Content creator, fashion designer and author

My name is Gaëlle Prudencio. I am a content creator, fashion designer and author of 'Fière d'être moi-même' (Proud to be myself), Ed. Leduc

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An interview with Gaëlle

Who would you like to inspire in turn?

I would like to inspire teenagers and anyone who has trouble accepting themselves because they don't fit into society's standards.

How would you describe your style and how do you combine your PURELEI jewelry?

I have a flamboyant and artistic style! I can easily incorporate PURELEI jewelry into my looks.

What is your favorite jewelry layering look?

I never get rid of the Sun Necklace! Right now I combine it with the Pika Necklace a lot.

Team gold, silver or pink gold?

Team gold! Always and Forever!

What piece of jewelry can't you part with?

Earrings! I wear them all the time. Whether I'm dressed up or not, I wear them every day.

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