Melita Toniolo

Television and radio presenter

Beauty Melita Toniolo is a successful Italian television and radio host with a strong reach on Social Media. She adds a pinch of irony to every project, making sure to always entertain her community.
She has been a PURELEI ambassador for almost a year. To her, jewelry means a lot. She says that how we style our outfits represents our personality, and that accessories are more than just a fashion statement, but also give us confidence.

Melita's favorite pieces


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An interview with Melita

What makes PURELEI jewelry special for you?
The special thing about the PURELEI jewelry is that there are always new and modern collections, perfect for every situation!

What's your favorite necklace combination?
My perfect combination is to wear a choker with a longer necklace!

What piece of jewelry do you wear every day?
I wear the charm necklace with the letter "D" (for my son's name) from the Letter Collection every day. It's my favorite!

How do you live Aloha?
I live Aloha with the happiness looking forward to an upcoming summer!

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