Advent Calendar 2022

24 exclusive jewelry pieces Styles for every occasion Waterproof & longlasting

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Unfortunately, the advent calendar is no longer available. Sign up here for the Advent Calendar 2023.

  • Product Information

    Discover jewelry for the holidays full of Aloha:

    5x PURELEI Necklaces
    Necklace Movement €39,90
    Necklace Confidence €45,90
    Necklace Flowing €39,90
    Necklace Structure €35,90
    Necklace Shining Moon €45,90

    8x PURELEI Earrings
    Earring Movement €35,90
    Earring Charming €19,90
    Earring Lighting €29,90
    Earring Fascination €35,90
    Earring Shining Moon €39,90
    Earring Shine €35,90
    Earring Shining Star €29,90
    Earring Awesome €19,90

    1x PURELEI Earcuff
    Earcuff Charming €29,90

    5x PURELEI Bracelet
    Bracelet Charming €35,90
    Bracelet Awesome €15,90
    Bracelet Beautiful Aloha €25,90
    Bracelet Structure €35,90
    Bracelet Shine €19,90

    1x PURELEI Anklet
    Anklet Awesome €29,90

    2x PURELEI Charm
    Charm Glossy €12,90€
    Charm Shimmering €12,90

    1x PURELEI Ring (adjustable)
    Ring Charming €39,90

    1x PURELEI Luggage Tag
    Luggage Tag PURELEI €14,90

    1x PURELEI Extender
    Extender PURELEI €6,40

    Stainless steel (gold and rose gold with 18K gold alloy)
    Keshi pearls
    Cubic zirconia
    Zinc alloy (luggage tag)
    Artificial leather

    Dimensions: 19.5 cm wide x 19.5 cm long x 19.5 cm deep

    Please note: Since our advent calendar already offers great value for money, please be aware that no other discount codes may be applied.










  • When can I purchase the Advent Calendar?

    You can already purchase the Advent Calendar during the presale on September 2, 2022. Register now for the presale to make sure you don't miss your chance to win a PURELEI Advent Calendar. The official sale will start on September 4, 2022.

  • Will the calendar be cheaper in the presale?

    The calendar will have the same price in the presale as in the sale. 

  • In which colors is the Advent Calendar available?

    The calendar is available in our usual colors: gold, rose gold and silver.

  • Is there also a mixed (color) calendar?

    No, the calendars contain the jewelry items only in the selected color.

  • Are the items from the Advent Calendar also available separately in the store?

    Our calendar only contains exclusive jewelry pieces that have been specially designed for this year's Advent Calendar and cannot be purchased in the store.

  • How many Advent Calendars can I buy?

    You can purchase up to 5 Advent Calendars.

  • Can I change the color later?

    A subsequent color change is unfortunately not possible. If you change your mind, we can cancel your order - if it has not yet been processed. You can then place a new order. Please note that the availability of the advent calendar is limited.

  • Can I apply a discount code to the advent calendar?

    Since we are already offering you a great deal at €159.90, no discount codes can be applied for the Advent Calendar.

  • Can I apply a gift card code when purchasing the Advent Calendar?

    Yes, you can apply a gift card code at the time of purchase. Only discount codes are excluded.

  • When will other products be shipped that are purchased with the Advent Calendar?

    If you order other products with the Advent Calendar in one order, these items will be shipped to you separately from the Advent Calendar in a timely manner. Please note that the Advent Calendar will not be shipped until November.

  • Can I change the color of the calendar later?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the color at a later time. If you change your mind, we can cancel your order or parts of your order - if not it wasn’t processed yet. You can then place a new order. Please note that the availability of the Advent Calendar is very limited.

  • Can I return the Advent Calendar if I don't like it?

    The Advent Calendar is excluded from our 30-day return policy. A return is only possible within 14 days if the calendar is complete and intact. If this is not the case, we will return the calendar to the sender.

  • Will the Advent Calendar be restocked if it is sold out?

    A re-order of the Advent Calendar is currently not planned.

  • When will the Advent Calendar be shipped?

    The shipment will take place at the beginning of November, including an individual tracking link. This way we make sure that the Advent Calendar reaches you before December 1.

  • What do I do if an item is defective/wrong/missing?

    In this case, please contact our customer service directly via the following form:  

    We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

  • What payment methods are available for the advent calendar?

    You have the possibility to buy the advent calendar with PayPal, credit card and Klarna.

  • If I want to buy with Klarna on invoice, when do I have to pay my invoice?

    If you have chosen "Klarna - Purchase on invoice" as payment method, you have 30 days after your order to pay your invoice.