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    Say Aloha to your sustainable trend piece:

    The PURELEI Kinipōpō Candle - handmade by TISANT.

    Whether it's a cold winter day or a relaxed summer night, the stylish bubble candle gives your cozy home a modern feelings. That's why we love artful candles. 


    • Made from sustainable canola wax
    • Vegan, unscented
    • Available in three colors: Beige, Cream, Light purple
    • Handmade in Germany

    Shop the interior highlight of the season now and live Aloha at home!

    Dimensions: 6 cm × 6 cm
    Burn time: approx. 7 hours 

    Please note: Each candle is handmade regionally by @tisantofficial. Hence, your candle may therefore vary slightly in shape, color and size, making each a unique piece.

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Inspired by Hawaii
Inspired by Hawaii
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Contactless Delivery
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+700k Follower on Instagram
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