Necklace Extender 1

316L Stainless Steel 18K Gold plated

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    The PURELEI Extender lengthens your favorite chain easily by 5 to 10cm. Create a completely new look in no time and add a personal touch to your outfit - there are no limits to your imagination!

    Fits perfectly to the PURELEI Kalea Necklace, PURELEI World Map Necklace or PURELEI Aloha Coin Necklace.

    Gold: 316L stainless steel 18K gold plated
    Silver: 316L stainless steel
    Rose gold: 316L stainless steel 18K rose gold plated

    Length: Adjustable from 5-10cm
    Other necklaces that the Extender 1 goes with:

    • Aloha Coin Necklace
    • Aloha Necklace
    • Coin Necklace
    • Girl Power Necklace
    • Holuna Choker
    • Kahakai Necklace
    • Lei Necklace
    • Lihini Necklace
    • Loa Necklace
    • Lotus Necklace
    • Luana Coin Necklace
    • Lula Necklace
    • Luna Necklace
    • Malihini Necklace
    • Manaoio Necklace
    • Moon Necklace
    • Nahesa Necklace
    • Nani Necklace
    • Penina Girl Necklace
    • Shell Necklace
    • Stardust Choker
    • Worldmap Necklace
    • Zodiac Necklace

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    Inspired by Hawaii
    Inspired by Hawaii
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    Contactless Delivery
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    +700k Follower on Instagram
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    Waterproof Jewelry

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