Necklace Extender 3
Necklace Extender 3


316L Stainless Steel 18K Gold plated

Necklace Extender 3


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    The PURELEI Extender lengthens your favorite chain easily by 5 to 10cm. Create a completely new look in no time and add a personal touch to your outfit - there are no limits to your imagination!

    Fits perfectly to the PURELEI Sun Necklace, PURELEI Penina Queen Necklace or the Malihini Queen Necklace.

    Gold: 316L stainless steel 18K gold plated
    Silver: 316L stainless steel
    Rose gold: 316L stainless steel 18K rose gold plated

    Length: Adjustable from 5 - 10cm

    Other necklaces that the Extender 3 goes with:

    Cowry Necklace
    Cowry Necklace
    Heart Necklace
    Island Necklace
    Karma Necklace
    Li'ili'i Necklace
    Lokelani Necklace
    Lotus Pearl
    Maka Necklace
    Malihini Coin Necklace
    Paua Dark Necklace
    Paua Necklace
    Paua Pink Necklace
    Pearl Necklace
    Sun Necklace
    Syren Eye Necklace

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    Necklace Extender 3

    Regular price €4,90 €4,41


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