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Set Starlight

Stainless Steel 18K Gold plated

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  • Product Information

    The Starlight jewelry set consists of two necklaces and a bracelet. There are five coins on the Shining Kalea necklace, which are decorated with small gemstones on the edge, while a single coin hangs on the Shining Coin necklace. While the front is set with gemstones, there is an embossed lotus flower on the back. The flexible Shining bracelet made of shiny ball elements is decorated with a coin in the same design.

    Gold: 18K gold plated stainless steel
    Silver: Stainless steel
    Rose gold: Stainless steel 18K rose gold plated

    Gemstones: Zirconia (white)
    Diameter pendant Shining Coin necklace & bracelet: 15 mm
    Diameter pendant Shining Kalea necklace: 10.1 mm
    Length of Shining Coin necklace: Adjustable, 50/55 cm
    Shining Coin necklace weight: 4.82 g
    Length Shining Kalea necklace: Adjustable, 40/45 cm
    Weight Shining Kalea necklace: 6.15 g
    Shining Coin bracelet diameter: Flexible, 50 mm
    Shining Coin bracelet weight: 11.70 g

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