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"Accessories should tell a story about the person wearing them"

In 2012, the trip began for our founder Alisa with a semester abroad in Hawaii. The return home to Germany was more difficult than expected. The semester abroad was followed by many more visits to the beautiful island.

In 2016, the longing for the paradise island was the first product designed to bring the spirit of Hawaii into the world.

Together with Freddy and Etienne, who had already gained their first experience in e-commerce, in 2017 PURELEI was founded.

The journey of our still young label founded in Mannheim is just beginning. Our #TEAMPURELEI is full of motivation, ideas and creativity. In the luggage is our vision: An accessory that tells a story - and is with you, if you live your very personal.

Inspired by Hawaii

Our products are designed by Alisa and our design team. The Aloha spirit, embodied in PURELEI, is not only a passion, but a lifestyle. Memories of the fresh, flower-scented air and the crystal clear Hawaiic waters guide and inspire you every day.

Elaborate designs, high-quality materials and selected fitting forms-exclusive and individual. Each accessory is special in its own way. They are the icing on the cake of a successful look and should always fit your type, because they underline your personality. Under our versatile designs you will always find your perfect companion.

Based in Germany

Our headquarters are located in Mannheim in the south-west of Germany. From there we send our orders, create new ideas and implement them. Of course not everyone is with us in the Mannheim office, through our Home Office concept our PURELEIGIRLS and boys work from wherever you want. 

Our name Purelei

Many people combine ' aloha ' with sandy beaches, palm trees, pineapples and hula dancers in bast skirt. Once here, you know that this is only a small part of the magic and richness of Hawaiian islands and culture. The spirit also embodies the interaction of spirit and heart. The pure in PURELEI stands for the unadulterated of our body. 'Lei' refers to the Hawaiian flower chain.

Our Ambition

We would like to accompany you on your trips of a lifetime, and have our jewelry remind you of those special moments. Wanderlust should always be reflected in our products 

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