Aloha! We’re happy you're here.

Inspired by Hawaii

Jewelry & lifestyle products inspired by Hawaii - PURELEI stands for designs that tell a personal story, durable materials, exclusive design collaborations and the Aloha way of life. The company was founded in 2016 by Alisa, Freddy and Etienne.


The name PURELEI is made up of the words pure and lei and stands for a pure attitude towards life and the world-famous Hawaiian flower necklace.


The aloha spirit of Hawaii is unique and world-famous. It embodies the interplay of heart and soul, which is the inspiration behind our name:
The ‘pure’ in PURELEI stands for the purity of our body. ‘Lei’ refers to the Hawaiian flower chain.

Our PURELEI Office

We are at home in Mannheim with two locations. It’s important for us to live Aloha at work, which is why we want to make our premises a place where you can feel comfortable, get creative and focus.

Jewelry Pieces and Designs

Our jewelry is made of durable materials and is therefore waterproof. The pieces are designed by Alisa and our design team, or they’re created in collaboration with other creatives. 

The designs can be styled in many different ways and are perfect for layering, stacking and more.


We are currently running several international online shops and look forward to further growth. Thank you for being part of our journey and for bringing the Aloha Spirit out into the world with us!